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Learning to read is not a natural process for many students and some find it challenging.

At Oasis International Learning Solutions, we believe that children can be successful once given an opportunity.

We partner with families to meet the literacy needs of their child by providing reading intervention support through structured lessons and personalized learning plans. These individualized plans are designed to close the achievement gap students may be experiencing. Our vision is to transform students who struggle into accomplished and confident readers and writers.

As a Reading Specialist trained in using the Orton-Gillingham Approach, as well as other literacy programs, we realize that one size does not fit all. Through careful screening and planning, personalized learning experiences are tailored to suit the needs of each child. Additionally, we offer workshops and consultation services for parents who may need strategies and guidance as they support their child at home.

Our Story

Welcome to Oasis International Learning Solutions!

Oasis was founded in support of all families with students with learning differences in reading, writing, and spelling.

As a classroom teacher, I was encountering so many students who were getting more and more discouraged and frustrated because of their perceived inability to “read like the other students”. I knew that I had to do something about that. 

I wanted to understand the how, why, and what of reading. I earned a Master’s Degree in Early Childhood Education with a Specialization in Reading and Literacy, became Reading Endorsed, and trained in the Orton-Gillingham Approach. The most recommended approach for students that struggle with reading.

Our goal now is to reach, teach, and transform as many lives as we can through our reading intervention program.

Mrs. Fisher enjoys cooking, reading, and traveling with her husband of thirty years. She is the mother of two children and two dogs.

Meet Your Reading Specialist


Denise R. Fisher- wife, mother, certified Reading Specialist, consultant, Founder and CEO of Oasis International Learning Solutions.

Denise Fisher has over 25 years of experience in both private and public school education as a teacher and Reading Specialist. She has had the opportunity to work with students of different levels of reading proficiency. She is passionate about empowering every child by removing the barriers in their literacy journey.

Denise’s desire is to see students succeed and become independent learners. As a Reading Specialist she created an oasis in her classroom where students could feel safe enough to take risks and parents could find solutions to their child’s reading difficulties.

It became her goal to teach every day with renewed tenacity, dedication, and commitment. Students began to become accomplished readers and writers, test scores increased, and the achievement gap began to close. More importantly, students began to enjoy reading and books. Some of her accomplishments include being selected as Teacher of the Year, grant recipient, and business owner.

Providing Access to a Brighter Future

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