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At Oasis International Learning Solutions, we provide consultation services for the families of students with learning differences in reading, writing and spelling.

Not sure what to do? Contact us to schedule a session. We empower parents and educators with ideas, insight and solutions to their child’s literacy needs.

Intervention Support

Reading difficulties are the most common cause of academic failure and underachievement.

At Oasis International Learning Solutions, our goal is to provide personalized online intervention services to students who find reading and writing difficult. Our engaging sessions are designed to close the achievement gap and give students the boost they deserve.

Even though students may be exposed to high levels of literacy opportunities they may still struggle and need supplemental intervention to get back on track.

Students diagnosed with dyslexia benefit from the specialized instruction offered at Oasis.

Contact us to learn more about our intervention sessions which range from preventative to intense intervention depending on the child needs.

Professional Learning

At Oasis International Learning Solutions, partnering with parents and educators is our number one priority.

Families and educators play an important role in a child’s academic success and we’re here to support you. Our Professional Learning sessions are designed for parents and educators alike to learn at their own pace. All of our sessions are also virtual to accommodate any schedule.

Offerings include ideas for integrating social and emotional learning , reading strategies to use at home and more.

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